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October Update

Fall activities continue...

Smithield Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC) hosted the first Teacher Workday Playday Day Camp on October 18. The teacher workday camp offered children a variety of activities to keep them busy throughout the day. Included in this fun day was arts and crafts , cooperative group games, swimming and outside activities. Playday camp is offered on Teacher Work Days throughout the school year. Pictured above is one of four who attended on October 18.

October brought the end of the Smithfield Red Devil Youth Football Team season. Three of our recipients were a part of the Smithfield youth team. The team played six games and had a good season. As quoted by one of the parents, "The boys played great as a team"! Which, in our opinion is the most important thing.

Basketball registration continued in October. Nine additional children were registered to be a part of the youth team. Registration ended on October 22 and practices will begin in late November and run through December. Games will start in January.

October was a busy month! We appreciate your continued support. Your help makes it happen.

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