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October/ November Update

Fall Activities Continue...

One additional scholarship was given to be a part of the Smithfield Youth Basketball Team in the month of Oct0ber. Practice for the 2023 basketball season will begin in November and games will start in January.

Pictured above is one of eight recipients who registered for semi-private/private swimming lessons at Johnston Health Quest in the month of November. Children will have five 30 to 45-minute lessons learning to float, kick, and practice basic stroke movements. Students not only have fun, but also gain skills that could save their lives.

One more scholarship was granted to participate on the youth basketball team in November, bringing the total number of basketball scholarships to twelve. We are very excited to have four girls playing on the various teams this season. Players' skills will be assessed during Draft Night, and they will be assigned to a team based on age.

Well, that's it for the October/November Update. Please continue to read our monthly Blog to stay connected. And as always, we appreciate your support!

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