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May/June Update

Summer Fun...

Preparations for the 2022 Summer Camps were made in the month of May. A total of 7 registrations were completed for summer camp and private swimming lessons, 4 for summer camp and 3 for swimming. lessons

3 scholarships were offered for private swimming lessons at Johnston Health Quest. Children learn how to swim and stay safe in the water. They spend an hour each week learning to float, kick and practice basic stroke movements.

3 registrations were completed to attend summer camp at Morgan's Gymnastics. Children learn basic fundamental gymnastics skills and other camp activities such as crafts and indoor/outdoor activities.

One registration was completed for Neuse Little Theatre's Summer Drama Camp. Campers are taught acting techniques, technical skills, theatre terminology, and everything it takes to create the theatre experience. Everything learned is showcased in a production at the end of the session.

In the month of June, 12 additional scholarships were given to attend summer camp. Three campers attended SRAC. One camper attended Morgan's Gymnastics'. A total of 12 children attended summer camp by the end of June.

Other camps that opened in June included Football Camp, Kidz @ Play Camp and Neuse Little Theatre Drama Camp. Two scholarships were given for Football Camp, one for Kidz @ Play, and one for Neuse Little Theatre Drama Camp. Also, three children attended Johnston Health Quest for private swimming lessons.

Summer is not over, and we are busy getting more children registered for fun activities. Please visit us on the Contact page for details about scholarships. As always, we appreciate your support, and we ask that you continue to visit our site for a closer look at what we are accomplishing with your help.

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