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March Update

Batter up...

The 2022 Smithfield Youth Baseball season has begun. Pictured above is one of five scholarship recipients who is part of the Smithfield Youth Team. Practices began in mid-March with games beginning in April. The season will run until the beginning of June.

Summer camp is coming soon! Scholarships were offered to seven children to attend two weeks of full-day summer camp at SRAC or Morgan's Gymnastics.

SRAC summer camp offers a variety of activities including swimming, outside fun (hiking, playground, games), inside recreational activities, art and other craft activities.

Morgan's Gymnastics offers a variety of camps including Definitely Disney, which focuses on cooperation, teamwork, and sharing/working together while learning fundamental skills. Campers will engage in open gyms and have the chance to do various other camp activities including, crafts and indoor/outdoor fun.

Well, that's it for March. Please continue to read our monthly Blog and stay connected to what we are doing. We appreciate your support!

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