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June Update

Welcome Summer...

Pictured above is our first camper to attend a 2021 Summer Camp. This photo shows her on her first day of camp at Morgan's Gymnastics. This camper attended 2 weeks of summer camp; one week of Drilz & Skilz Camp and one week of Sports Camp.. A total of 2 campers attended 2 weeks of camp at Morgan's in June.

Another 2021 Summer Camp was held at Smithfield Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC). One camper attended a week of camp that included Swimming, Art, Sports, Games, and Outdoor Fun. This camper also registered to attend another week in July.

Smithfield Parks and Recreation held a Spartan Football Camp on June 7-9 from 6-8 p.m. 2 scholarship recipients attended this camp. This football camp prepared campers for the Red Devils Youth Football Team.

2021 Tennis Camp was held also by Smithfield Parks and Recreation on June 28-30. Camp was held from 7:00-8:30 p.m. led by Jimmy Jernigan at Smithfield Community Park Tennis Courts. 2 children attended this camp.

There was a low number of children attending summer camps in June due to Summer School attendance. The last day of Summer School is July 15 so, we are looking forward to an increase of children registering for summer camp and other summer activities.

Well, that's it for June. As always, we appreciate your support! Please continue to visit our website @ to stay updated on events at the Annie D Jones Child Enrichment Fund Nonprofit Organization.

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