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February/March Updates

It's been a while...

Although we have not posted in a while, we have continued to strive to carry on our mission to provide opportunities for underprivileged children to participate in recreational and cultural activities. With COVID restrictions it hasn't been easy. We agree that safety comes first and we understand the hesitancy of parents to allow their child's participation in activities that were available.

We continued to fund scholarships for gymnastics class for 2 children. These children were receiving one hour per week of instruction by Morgan's Gymnastics. One at the Beginning Level and the other at the Intermediate level.

In February, 2 scholarships were given to participate on the Smithfield Youth Baseball Team.. Baseball practice began in March.

Smithfield Parks and Recreation hosted two sessions of Bunny Bash on March 27 at Smithfield Community Park. 7 scholarships were presented to attend this event. Children were served Breakfast, and participated in Crafts, Story-Time, Easter Egg Grab, and a Visit From The Easter Bunny.

Well, that's it for now. Summer Camp registration will be opening soon. Please consider giving a donation to help us continue to provide opp0rtnities for our children. Thank you in advance for your support!

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