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September Update


We hope everyone continues to be safe by wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands often. The Johnston County School District is playing it safe by offering virtual learning to protect students and teachers. We're still in the period that requires everyone to remain cautious.

Although limited activities were available this month due to Covid-19 restrictions, Morgan"s Gymnastics began their Fall sessions for gymnastics classes. Two recipients are attending the Fall sessions. Scholarships are still available for disadvantaged children, age 6-8. You must reside in the Smithfield community to qualify. Contact us on the Contact page @ for more details.

We continue to generate awareness of recreational and cultural activities that are available for children in the Smithfield community. We understand the reluctance of parents who don't feel safe in allowing their child to participate in activities during this time. For those parents who do feel safe, as more activities become available, we will be offering scholarships to children who qualify.

Well. that's it for now. We invite you to continue to visit our website. Your support is appreciated.

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