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June Update

A Salute to our Donors...

The Covid-19 Virus has impacted all of our lives in one way or another over the last three months. We have endured hardships such as school closings, loss of jobs, hospitalizations, and deaths to name a few. We hope that everyone is abiding by the Phase 2 guidelines and is continuing to stay safe.

During this pandemic season, we held two successful fundraiser events thanks to our loyal donors. On February 27, we launched an online t-shirt fundraiser campaign. Our goal was to sell 50 t-shirts in 30 days. We surpassed that goal! 62 t-shirts were ordered and we profited $683.00 in sells and donations. Our second fundraiser event was held on June 6. The 5th Annual 3k Walk was held at Smithfield Community Park. Because of the guidelines for outdoor gatherings, only 25 people were allowed to participate.. $925.00 was raised to fund scholarships for disadvantaged children to attend recreational and cultural activities.

We pay tribute to our loyal donors. Even in the midst of a pandemic, you supported our cause. We appreciate and thank you for your continued support. We could not accomplish what we've been able to do in the last five years without your generous donations. Children have been given the opportunity to experience new things that we hope will spark some interest in their future years. You have encouraged us to continue to strive to give back to our community through the Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund.

Thank you for helping us help our children!

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