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February Update

May I have this dance?

Smithfield Parks and Recreation hosted a Daddy-Daughter dance held at SRAC on Saturday, February 23 from 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Pictured above is one of our recipients and her Dad dancing the night away.

It's Baseball Season! Tball registration began on February 10th for boys and girls age 5 and 6. Practices will begin in April. One scholarship was offered to participate on the Youth Tball Team. One scholarship was also given to play on the Smithfield Youth Softball Team. Registration opened on January 6 for boys and girls age 7-15.

Another Teacher Workday Play Day was sponsored by Smithfield Recreation and Aquatic Center on February 14. The teacher workday camp offers children a variety of activities to keep them busy throughout the day. Activities include arts and crafts, cooperative group games and swimming. Two scholarships were given for this play day.

It's that time, again! Registration for Morgan's Gymnastics Summer Camp opened on January 1.. Four scholarships were given to attend. Morgan's offers five different camps; Gymnastics Camp, Summer Olympics, Drillz & Skillz, Sports , and Love the 80's Camp. Campers will be involved in crafts, games, outdoor/indoor activities and gymnastics.

This month we payed tribute to our roots and namesake, Mrs. Annie Lou Dublin Jones in celebration of Black History Month and to acknowledge her birthday on February 19. We strive to continue her legacy.

Well, that's it for February! Giving a big shout out to all of our supporters... You know who you are. You help to put smiles on a few children's faces. Thank you!

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