July Update

Summer camp continues...

2 more scholarships were presented for 2 weeks of full-day summer camp in the month of July. Recipients were given a choice between SRAC and Morgan's Gymnastics. They chose Morgan's. Participates utilized gym equipment to build strength as well as self confidence. Children also were involved in crafts, games, and outdoor/indoor activities, Class lessons included obstacles, flexibility training, and various conditioning circuits. Camp was held from 7:00 am until 5:30 pm.

This month three more children were given scholarships for private swimming lessons at Johnston HealthQuest. Children attended five 30-minute lessons, once a week. At the end of five lessons, they were able to swim independently with rhythmic breathing and how to float on their back. A gracious "Thank you" to the staff at HealthQuest for your patience and support!

Are you ready for some football? One child received a scholarship for Flex Football sponsored by Smithfield Parks and Recreation. Flex football is a tackle free sport and children will wear shoulder pads and soft helmets. Play will stop on two hand touch. Practice will begin in August.

Well, that's it for July. Please visit our Gallery page to get a peek of some of the children who were given opportunities for recreational and cultural activities. It's been an exceptional summer and it's not over. Stay tuned for our August Blog!

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