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March Update

During the month of March, we strived to provide opportunities for children age 6-8 to participate in enrichment activities. The scholarships previously given for dance, gymnastics, and piano lessons were extended through March.

Pictured above are three children who attended the March 12, Teacher Workday Playday sponsored by SRAC (The child on the left was not happy about being interrupted from playtime.) The Teacher Workday Camp offered a variety of activities to keep the children busy throughout the day. Arts and crafts, cooperative group games, swimming and so much more were available for children to learn and play.

Summer camp registrations began on March 1. We began searching for children to offer two weeks of full day summer camp at Smithield Recreation and Aquatic Center and Morgan's Gymnastics. We also offered 3 children scholarships to attend Neuse Little Theatre's Summer Drama Program.

It's that time, again! We began advertising the 4th Annual Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund 3k Walk. We invite you to participate in this fundraiser event. Proceeds will fund scholarships for children to continue to attend summer camp and other recreational and cultural activities.

We appreciate your support! Please continue to visit our monthly Blog page to stay informed of the activities children are involved in.

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