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November Update

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoyed the day with family and friends. We give thanks for all of our supporters.

Two scholarships were given for cultural activities in November; one for piano lessons and another one for dance.

We are excited to have a total of three children receiving scholarships for piano lessons. All three children are continuing lessons for the second year. This activity was very dear to our namesake, Mrs. Annie Dublin Jones. We are thankful to our supporters for making this possible. Children are receiving lessons for one hour, once a week.

A scholarship was offered for dance lessons taught by Artistry In Motion this month. AIM offers different types of dance including Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. One hour lessons are taught once a week.

Morgan's Gymnastics hosted another Open Gym night on November 17. Two scholarships were given to participate in a 4-hour supervised play/dinner activity. This activity is offered at least once a month. Scholarships are available so, look for our post on Facebook if your'e interested in your child attending.

Well, that's all for the month of November. As always, we appreciate and thank you for your support!

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