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September Update

Welcome Fall!

The month of September began the start of registration for Smithfield Parks and Recreation Youth Basketball. Eight scholarships were presented to be a part of several youth basketball teams. Registration runs through October 19 and scholarships for ages 6-8 are still available.

2018 Fall semester piano lessons began in September, also. We welcome Mary Ann Morgan Warren as our new Piano Teacher. We wish our former teacher, Kerry Washington much success in her new position. So far, one scholarship has been extended for fall semester. 30-minute lessons are taught once a week in the home of Mary Ann.

Another scholarship for beginning gymnastics was given in September for one-hour lessons at Morgan's Gymnastics. Children are taught basic skills such as handstands and cartwheels. Scholarships are available for beginning gymnastics lessons. Contact us for details on the Contact page.

Well, that's it for September. Please continue to visit our monthly updates to stay informed of all the wonderful experiences that the children are engaged in. A special thanks to our supporters for making this possible.

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