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January/February/March Update

As the old adage says, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS...

During the months of January - March, we continued to strive to provide opportunities for children age 6-8 to participate in enrichment activities. The scholarships previously given to children for dance, gymnastics and piano were extended through those months.

Basketball season ended in February. 8 young men received scholarships to participate in this sport. They played on various youth teams that were sponsored by Smithfield Parks and Recreation. CONGRATULATIONS to them on their winning season!

It's time for the 3rd Annual Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund 3K Walk! Announcements have been made on Social Media including Facebook, Community Out&About, 103.9 The Light Community Spotlight, and during local church announcements. The announcement has also been submitted to The Smithfield Herald and JOCO Report. We are looking forward to a large turnout to support our cause.

Also, an online Tshirt fundraiser campaign was launched in March. The deadline for ordering is April 5. Proceeds from both fundraisers will fund scholarships for children to attend summer camp and take part in other recreational and cultural activities.

We invite you to participate in both fundraiser events. Go to the Event page to register for the 3k Walk. Tshirts may be ordered on the Get Involve page. We also welcome donations and they can be made online or mailed. Donations are tax deductible. Visit our Contact page for more information.

Please continue to visit the Blog and Gallery page to stay informed. We appreciate your continued support!

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