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November Update

The coolness of Autumn caused the necessity for indoor activities.

We continued to fund 4 children for weekly dance lessons, 2 for weekly gymnastics, and 3 children for 30-minute private piano lessons once a week, in the month of November. Thanks to the staff of AIM, Morgan's Gymnastics and Kerrie Clayton, piano instructor for your patience and continued support.

We are excited to announce that another scholarship has been given for private swimming lessons at HealthQuest. Only two scholarships have been presented for swimming lessons. Please contact us on the Contact page for scholarship information. This activity is crucial for our youth.

Smithfield Parks and Recreation's basketball registration ended in November and we are proud to say that 8 scholarships were granted. Practices have begun and Games will begin in January. These young men will be taught the dynamics of teamwork and sportsmanship; two important skills that hopefully will transfer in their future.

We continue to search for fundraiser ideas. Please check in on our Event page to see any upcoming fundraisers or event activities.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Thank You for your continued support!

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