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August/September Update

With the start of the 2017-2018 school year, came cooler weather and Smithfield Parks and Recreation's registration for sports. Morgan's Gymnastics and Artistry In Motion also began their Fall registration for group lessons in gymnastics and dance, respectively. Seventeen scholarships were given in the month of August.

After three successful tennis camps, three children were selected to participate in an intense tennis clinic taught by Coach Reid, retired tennis coach of Smithfield Selma High School. The clinic was held in Smith Collins Park once a week for six weeks.

Three children received a scholarship to play on the youth soccer team. This activity for two of the recipients is their first opportunity to play in team sports. We are excited about their experience and hope that it will be the beginning of future interest.

Two young ladies were granted scholarships for group gymnastics lessons by Morgan's Gymnastics. One of the young ladies received a scholarship for private lessons last year. They are both enjoying, learning, and excelling in gymnastics for an hour once a week.

Scholarships were presented to three children for group dance lessons taught by Artistry In Motion. Lessons include Tap, Ballet and Jazz. One hour lessons are taught once a week.

And last... It's football season! Six scholarships were presented to play on the Smithfield Red Devil Football Team. Three of the lads received scholarships to attend a football camp, sponsored by Smithfield Parks and Recreation, this summer.

Along with the scholarships granted in the month of August, we continue to fund private piano lessons for three children taught by Kerry Clayton of First Baptist Church. They all continue to excel.

Please visit the Gallery page to view the children participating in the activities. Your contributions are helping us to stay true to our motto; "Opening Doors to Enrich Young Lives". Thanks for your continued support!

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