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July Update

Tennis anyone...

Two more scholarships were granted in the month of July to attend the third tennis camp sponsored by Smithfield Parks and Recreation. Spartan Tennis Camp instructed by James Reid, former tennis coach at Smithfield Selma High School, was held July 12 through July 14.

Three scholarship recipients attended Morgan's Gymnastics' Summer Open Gym on July 15, for four hours of fun. Morgan's staff provided supervised play and dinner. Fun Time was from 6:00 p.m - 10:00 p.m. Another scholarship was granted for group gymnastics lessons by Morgan's staff.

Summer camp continued in the month of July. Three new children attended SRAC summer camp for one week of all day fun. Artzy Kidz, another SRAC summer camp held in Smith Collins Park allowed children to explore their creative ability. This camp was held for three hours for four days.

We are very excited to announce that an additional 2 more scholarships were granted for private piano lessons. Children receive thirty minutes of instruction by Kerry Clayton at First Baptist Church.

Well, that's it for July. Check out the photos on the Gallery page on this site. Thanks for your continued support.

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