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January/February Updates

Great things are happening at the Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund organization. Six scholarships were presented to children in the East Smithfield community during the months of January and February; one for private swimming lessons and five for private gymnastics. We have declared that these children are our future Olympians! A gracious thanks to the staffs of Morgan's Gymnastics and Smithfield Parks and Recreation for your cooperation and support.

Registration for Smithfield Parks and Recreation Summer Camp opened on March 1. So far, one scholarship has been presented to attend camp for two weeks. More Scholarships are available for two weeks of summer camp for children ages six through eight, who live in the East Smithfield community. Please visit our site @ for more details.

Identifying families with children in our targeted age group in the East Smithfield community remains a struggle. We need your help! Please use our Contact page on the website if you know of children who qualify for scholarships.

As always, we appreciate your continued support!

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