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December Update

Happy New Year!

The Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund nonprofit organization ended the 2016 year, very satisfied. By the end of December, 48 scholarships had been given to children in the East Smithfield community for 3 summer camps, football, cheer leading, soccer, private piano lessons, and a Lego Workshop. Thank you, Gary Johnson and the entire Smithfield Parks and Recreation staff, Todd Johnson, Former Director of Sharon Baptist Music Academy and Jessica Larreau, Former Piano Instructor.

We have added three new Activity Providers: Morgan's Gymnastics, Artistry In Motion, and Kerry Clayton, our new piano instructor. Kerry will offer private piano lessons at First Baptist Church, located at 202 S 4th Street, Smithfield, NC. Morgan's Gymnastics, located at 208 Computer Dr., Smithfield, NC, will offer our scholarship recipients private gymnastic lessons. Artistry In Motion will provide opportunities for our children to further their knowledge, skill, and creativity through private dance lessons.

Again, thanks to all who contributed to our successful year. You helped to make it possible!

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