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August Update

The month of August was a very busy and exciting time for the Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund organization. Registration for SRAC fall activities began and ended during days of extremely high temperatures. There was a mad rush to identify children in the East Smithfield community to offer scholarships to participate in football, soccer, swimming, and cheer leading. Oh my, what a task!

By the end of August, two Annie D. Jones scholarships were given to play on the Red Devils football team, three scholarships for Red Devils cheer leaders, and two soccer scholarships. Thank you, parents and SRAC staff for your cooperation and support. We continue to search for East Smithfield children, age 6-8, to offer a scholarship for private swimming lessons.

One of the activities that was very dear to our namesake, Mrs. Annie D. Jones, was realized during the month of August. Two scholarships were presented for six weeks of private piano lessons sponsored by the Sharon Baptist Church Music Academy. Thank you, Jessica Larreau, piano instructor and Todd Johnson, director for your support. A special thanks to the parents for your efforts in transporting your child to the academy studio.

Please, stay tuned to more exciting happenings at the Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund organization. Our motto is: Opening Doors to Enrich Young Lives. We are committed and very passionate about this cause for the children in the East Smithfield community.

Check out photos of the fall activities on the Gallery page.

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