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July Update

The last SRAC sponsored summer camp, Artzy Kids Play, was held at Smith Collins Park, from July 18th-July 20th. Twelve Annie D. Jones scholarships were awarded to children living in the East Smithfield Community to attend Artzy Kidz camp. Thirty-three scholarships to attend summer camps had been awarded by the end of July. A gracious thank you to the parents, Gary Johnson, and the Parks and Recreation staff. Thank you, Councilman Marlon Lee for your continued support. To all others, who supported this cause, "Thank You"!, for making this summer one that the children will never forget.

July 21 began the 2016-2017 school year. Hopefully, children returned to school ready to share their experiences and learnings received during summer camp. That ole familiar first day essay, "My Summer Vacation" should have been easier to write.

Upcoming August activities will include Football, Cheer leading, Soccer, and Swimming. Also, children will receive scholarships to attend The Music Academy for private piano lessons.

Check out the Gallery page for photos of all these activities. Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated on the Blog page.

By the way, we finally made the news! Articles were published in The Smithfield Herald and JoCo Report, an online newspaper, Both articles are posted on Kay McDuffie's, Director of the organization, Facebook page. Check them out!

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