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June Update

By the end of May, all donations from the Annie D. Jones 3K Walk had been collected. 3,000.00 was raised for scholarships for disadvantaged children living in the East Smithfield Community to attend recreational and cultural activities. A gracious thank you to all who participated. A special thanks to local businesses, organizations, and churches; Mitchener Memorial Missionary Baptist Church, Second St. John Baptist Church (Harlem, New York), White Swann BBQ, Food Lion, Walmart, Stevens Sausage Company, and The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Fourteen children in the East Smithfield community received scholarships to attend Kidz @ Play summer camp held in Smith Collins Community Park, sponsored by Parks and Recreation. Activities included soccer, tennis, kick ball, basketball, and flag football. Coach James Reid, tennis coach at Smithfield Selma High School, provided training in basic tennis techniques. The four day camp ended with an ice cream social and children questioning if they could return next week. Camp ran from June 20-23. Thanks to Gary Johnson and the Park and Recreation staff for your support.

To date, nine children have been awarded scholarships to attend summer camp at The Smithfield Recreation and Aquatics Center during the week of June 27 through July 1. Children will participate in a variety of activities that will include swimming.

Also, scholarships will be given to at least three children to attend piano and voice lessons held at The Music Academy. Six weeks of lessons will begin in July. Thanks in advance to Todd Johnson and staff.

Continue to visit this page for updates and to view photos of all activities. Comments are always welcomed.

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