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April Update

Pictured: Stephanie White and Monica Staley

On April 23, 2016, the 1st Annual Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund 3K Walk was held. Forty seven participates walked the Greenway Nature Trail to raise funds for children in the East Smithfield Community to attend summer camp and to participate in other activities sponsored by Smithfield Parks and Recreation and the Music Academy. Ten volunteers assisted with set up, transportation, registration, and clean up. Many came just for moral support. The weather was perfect and the day began with a prayer and tribute to the late Mrs. Annie D. Jones. One purple (her favorite color) balloon was released and The Walk began. A gracious "Thank You!" to all who supported this event.

On April 25, a meeting was held at Mitchener Memorial Baptist Church with five of the nine parents and children who were selected to receive a scholarship to attend summer camp sponsored by Smithfield Parks and Recreation. Rev. Mervyn John, pastor of Mitchener opened with a prayer followed by formal introductions. Parents were given a brochure with information about the organization including a bio of the late Mrs. Annie D. Jones, the mission statement, and descriptions of the two activity providers. Parents were given school calendars to assist with selecting summer camp dates. The last week of June was agreed upon to begin summer camp. Registration forms were completed on site. Look for photos of the first day of summer camp on this page!

Upcoming May events include a meeting with the administration and music teacher of West Smithfield Elementary to begin the process of selecting children for music scholarships. These children will participate in voice or piano lessons provided by The Music Academy staff.

Stay tuned for more exciting news at the Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund Organization! Your comments are appreciated.

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