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About Annie D. Jones Enrichment Fund

The Annie D. Jones Child Enrichment Fund is committed to providing opportunities for disadvantaged children to participate in diverse enrichment activities.

Our Mission: 


Our Roots & Namesake:











Mrs. Annie D. Jones (1918-2015) was a native of Smithfield, NC for 97 years.  She exemplified the characteristics of an upstanding citizen throughout her life.  The mere mention of Annie’s name, in her community and beyond, spoke volumes to the kind of life she lived.  She always said, “Your name follows you wherever you go.”  “Your name speaks for you.”


Annie loved children.  She and her husband, Robert raised five children of their own, and one granddaughter.  She also parented all of her grandchildren and the majority of her great-grandchildren during different stages in their lives.  Annie played a parental role in the lives of her siblings’ children and was known fondly as “Aunt Annie Lou”.  During Annie’s years of full time employment, she also worked part time as a childcare provider.  Many of her full time employers hired her to care for their children and grandchildren. Every child who was in Annie’s care received the love and nurture that helped to shape them into the kind of adults they are today.


Education was important to Annie. And, she knew that the development of a well-rounded child required learning outside of the classroom.  Annie believed in exposing children to new experiences at an early age to discover their gifts and talents.  Spending the money and time to nurture talents and gifts, she always said, is always worthwhile.


This Child Enrichment Fund is a tribute to  Annie for her enormous love for children. We are  founded on the values most important to Annie D. Jones. We believe children should be provided the chance to learn, laugh and play through summer enrichment. Help us continue Annie's vision!


Our Director: 

Kayrese (Kay) McDuffie is the granddaughter of Mrs. Annie D. Jones.  She was raised by her grandparents, Robert and Annie Jones and is a graduate of Smithfield-Selma High School. 

Kay is a retired educator of 37 years from Prince George’s County Public Schools System in the state of Maryland. Kayrese retired as an elementary school administrator and is now working to raise funds, generate awareness and create opportunities for children through the Annie D. Jones Enrichment Fund.     



  • Marlon Lee, Town Councilman

  • Rosa Edwards, Civil Activist


Photo of Annie D Jones
happy smiling young black girl with corn row braids

Our Providers: 

Smithfield Parks & Recreation      

Smithfield Parks and Recreation is located in the Smithfield Recreation & Aquatics Center. (SRAC) This facility is located at 600 Booker Dairy Rd, Smithfield, NC.  Smithfield Parks &  Recreation offers a variety of activities during the year including Summer Camp. 


Mary Ann Morgan Warren, Piano Instructor 

Private lessons are offered by Mary Ann Morgan Warren in her home located in Smithfield, NC.


   Morgan's Gymnastics
   Morgan's Gymnastics is located at 208 Computer Dr.,
   Smithfield, NC and offers  gymnastics, activities, classes
   and camps for all ages.
​    Artistry IN Motion
    AIM is located at 603 S Brightleaf Blvd. Smithfield,
    NC. Children are offered opportunities to further their                 knowledge, skill, and creativity through dance. 
    Neuse Little Theater Summer Drama Program
    Scholarship recipients will learn acting techniques,
    technical skills, theater terminology, and more.
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